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A footwear first - Flip-Flops with arch support!

These Fashionable Sandals for men and women offer a built-in 16-millimeter arch support.

Maximum support meets relaxed styling!

  • Leather full-grain top cover.
  • Leather straps are lined for comfort.
  • Firm but Flexible rubber EVA mid and out soles.

The Archy Sandal provides a contoured footbed that looks great and feels even better!

Wear them all day and into the night. You'll love them.


Semi-Rigid footbeds
Provide a Medium 16mm Arch, heel cup, with a medium flex. Perfect for flat feet or sensitive feet. A good first step towards a taller arch. Will help prevent heel pain. Lifetime guarantee on the shell.

Flex footbeds

Provide the best support while offering moderate flexibility. 36 sizes. Good for sport specific use or casual footwear. Will help prevent heel pain and make your body more efficient. Lifetime guarantee on the shell.

Rigid footbeds
Provide maximum support to help align your body and make your body more efficient. Helps prevent heel pain. 73 sizes to get a custom fit. Lifetime guarantee on the shell.

Make your own custom orthotic.

Moszkito® offers footbeds and sandals to meet your lifestyle needs. Footbeds that provide orthotic support in over 100 shapes without the cost of custom orthotics. The Moszkito® Footbed Selection System helps you choose the level of arch support you want. The Archy™ Sandal Collection is made with fashionable materials to provide arch support all day. Archy flip flops come in two levels of arch support, using our most popular footbed shapes only found in orthotics. Think about taking the most comfortable insoles you've ever had, and put them into a pair of flip-flops, then you'll have the Archy Sandal. Moszkito offers womens sandals and mens sandals in a variety of fashionable colors. Make your next vacation one that you will remember by wearing flip-flops or footbeds by Moszkito so you don't get tired half way through the day! Ask your favorite footwear retailers for Moszkito products.
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USPS HAWAII, ALASKA AND U.S. TERRITORIES $13 2LB, call for quote on heavier packages.

USPS INTERNATIONAL $45 2LB. Call for quote on heavier packages.


Buy women's Fuzzy sandal